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Set of minimalist glass vase, geometric motif. Ball shape + Oval shape. Gray color.


The price is indicated for 2 pieces. With 10% discount.

98.61 $

Whole set Gray

In stock

Whole set Gray
  • Glass
22cm x 16cm / 20cm x 34
  • American Style
  • Europe
  • Modern
  • Other
  CODE Form Color product Availability Price  
Ball Green
In stock
44.28 $
Ball Grey
In stock
44.28 $
Oval Grey
In stock
65.41 $
Oval Green
In stock
65.41 $
Minimalist Glass Vase Home Decoration Hydroponic Flowers Dry Flower Living Room Decor Geometry Creative Simple Concise Ornaments
Whole set Gray Grey
In stock
98.61 $
Whole set Grren Green
In stock
98.61 $

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